Monday, September 19, 2011

RRRRR - Rattlesnake!

While the Senator and theschoolboardmember
headed across the field to check out
some hay....
I stood around and watched the cows chew their cud. 
Then this little feller appeared!
He coiled.
I retreated.
Then I quietly stated,
"I think that is a rattler."
It's a long story,
but a cast iron griddle and an old magazine later,
we had that rattle!

(It's in a paper cup...drying out right now.)

For fear of anyone from PETA showing up on my doorstep,
I will refrain from telling you the part about how he/she got
smashed when I ran over him/her.
The Senator and theschoolboardmember decided
 they wouldn't ever want to get me really mad,
let's just put it that way.
I didn't mean it.
I didn't.

finally I'm back-to-bloggin'...

from the range, peace
the handy "snake-charming" girl

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be Patient....

Dylan Joe Mauer Valentine
nephew, cousin, kee-you-tee, puh-two-tee
June 2011
Faribault, MN

Please be patient...
the travel bug has hit the brown family...

We've been everywhere man....
(name that tune...)

I've been everywhere man.
I've been everywhere man.
Cross the deserts bare man
I've breathed the mountain air man.

Of travel I've had my share
Man I've been everywhere
I've been to Reno , Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota,
Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota....

Faribault, Lakeville, W. St. Paul, St. Paul,
Minneapolis,Pengilly, Swan Lake, Hibbing, Grand Rapids,
 Orr, Ely, Embarrass,Owen Lake, Hill City, Rapid City,
Sturgis, Deadwood, Lead, Nemo,
Dalton Lake...

We're off to the Deadwood Rodeo for a week,
then on to see Aunt Stella in "Shy-Town."

Be patient...
The excitement will begin when
I start downloading photos and posting them.

(dad, you're just gonna love it!)

from the range, peace,
the handy girl

name that tune..."I've Been Everywhere"  most famously sung by Hank Snow in 1962, but the version sung by Johnny Cash has most recently been used in commercials for Choice Hotels.  just a but of trivia for you this evening...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Faces I Will Miss

Today was the last day of school.
Many of these faces I will never see again. 
Their lives will change over the summer, 
and they will not return to this school. 

These are some of the faces I will miss...
My girls I see while doing "bus duty."

My playground crew.

Favorite smiles.

My high school bus boys.  They make me smile.
Barney and the Bear.
That bear has followed me around from classroom to classroom
for about 15 years.
He hibernates all summer in my classroom.
I will miss his smile.
Barney, I will miss your sweet smile, too!
Shanny, Jair-bear, and Lily
Spring.  Love.  I just know she'll be back!
My little Sophia.  Love.  I'm not sure if she'll be back.

Now for this next, and final photo,
please do not adjust your glasses.
It is blurry.
I left it that way for a reason.
You see, Patrick will be "graduating" to the middle school next year.
Even though he'll be in the same building,
I still will not be able to see his smiling face on a frequent basis.
Plus, he'll be in 6th grade,
and I don't think 6th graders stop in to give Mom's a smooch on a regular basis.
O.K., here goes...remember don't adjust your glasses.
I want you to be weepy just like me!

Weepy.  It just makes me weepy. . .
Weepy makes me blurry.
Can you feel my pain?

Well, there you have it.
These are the faces I will miss.
Thanks for being there for me.

from the range, peace,
the handy girl

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Feel Good!

It's been weeks since I've actually had the chance to sit down and contribute a worthy post to the blog.  Busy.  I've just been so busy. It's been a good busy.
Here's the list:
  • high school rodeo
  • camping on the Big Missouri
  • horse races in Ft. Pierre
  • fishing on the Bad River
  • battling really dumb weather here, in Western SD
  • laundry
  • cooking asparagus in 47 different ways
  • seeding my front yard
  • laundry
  • kindle
  •  a rummage sale
  • the annual elementary track meet
I have photos of some of the events, so here I will share...

so there you go.
that's it.
five more days of school.
from the range, peace,
the handy girl

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's branding season,
and things are starting to brighten up around here.
After perusing the past few posts,
I realized there is a whole-lotta drab going on around here.
I dug deep into the archives and found some old branding photos.
Green, blue, and bursting with color...
The photos I'm sharing with you today were taken about three years ago.
I think.
Time flies when you're having fun!

Loves branding season

First we gather.

Then rope.

Then wrestle, vaccinate, and brand...

Hang on, because this is where the LOVE part comes in...
Pa Carlson.  He's wrestling a calf.
He's also a little over a month away from marrying...

Ma Carlson.  She also wrestles calves.
She's handy and very much in love.

Love these horses.
I think they are lookin' for love. . .
(in all the wrong that tune...)

Oh, look, another Ma and Pa Carlson! 
They are getting married on 9.10.11.
Can you stand it? More love. 
He's a cowboy. She's a cowgirl.
They are both very handy and very much in love.

Father and Son.
Now hold your horses,
they are not getting married,
but young son there just GOT married.
He and his darling bride up and eloped two weeks ago.
I'm sorry I don't have a picture of her. 
She is truly a "princess bride."
Don't you just love a good love story?

Marvin and Cloretta
True Love.
These ranchers were married almost 62 years.
Say it with me now... Six-tee, too, yyyy-ears!
Marvin passed away a while back.
This is a picture of true love.

I wish all the youngins a long-lasting love,
just like Marvin and Cloretta.
Yes indeed, it's branding season and

from the range, peace and LOVE,
the handy girl

Name that tune:
"Lookin' for Love"
Waylon Jennings and/or Johnny Lee
(The Senator loves Waylon Jennings!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Their Time Is Over!"

We woke to this on our back deck today
"Little Miss Spring" is screaming
to her team of tulips and daffodils in the locker room:

"Their time is over! 
It's our time!

(name that movie..."Miracle on Ice"...the great Herb

Now go out there and win that game!
Beat "Old Man Winter!"
We'll be rooting for your team,
Little Miss Spring!

Let's get fired up!
We are fired up!
Go team Go!

from the frosty range, peace,
the handy girl